Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ethan is finally WALKING!!

Ethan has been taking 2-3 steps here and there, but last night he finally took 12 steps!! We are so proud of our little man!

Friday, March 20, 2009

WI Dells March 2009

We recently took a trip to one of my favorite places... WI Dells. We stayed at The Wilderness in a three bedroom condo. The condo is connected to three large indoor water parks and many other play areas. We shared the condo with two other families; The McGowan family, and the Geryol family. The McGowan's live in Iowa and have Logan. Logan is 5 days older than Ethan. It is so fun watching the boys play together. Ethan was all about the water, but Logan was not a huge fan! Fortunately, Logan did have lots of fun on the trip regardless of what this picture shows! :-)

Here is a picture of Ethan, Olivia and Logan playing on the soft slide. The kids had a ton of fun in this area! The Geryol's have two kids, Dominic will be 3 in a couple months and Olivia is 17 months. Dominic and Olivia play very well together. Dominic is one of the smartest little boys that I have ever met. He is full of stories and instantly makes you his new friend. Olivia had a great time playing with Ethan and Logan. It was so fun seeing all of them together because they are all so close in age.
Mariah brought her friend Bailey with us. We didn't want to make her spend the entire vacation with a bunch of little kids! Fortunately Bailey was a great escape for Mariah and allowed her to have lots of fun. The girls went off on their own and checked in with us from time to time. They had lots of fun going on the water slides and playing in the ball castle.

After a long day of playing we decided to stop and grab some ice cream. This was a huge hit for Mariah and Ethan. I think Ethan truly adored his sister that evening!!

Click here to see more pictures from our trip to the Dells! Can't wait to go back next year!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Visitors from Scotland!

We had a really nice time this past weekend. We hung out at mom and Harry's house and ate way too much food! Ben, Sarah, and Edie were in town from Scotland and stayed with mom and Harry on Friday and Saturday night. We went over there both nights and let the kids play together. Edie is about one month older than Ethan. Edie and Ethan had a great time playing together and the rest of us enjoyed taking lots of pictures of them!