Monday, November 30, 2009

What a great weekend

This past weekend was absolutely wonderful!  We had 4 days off work and school and plenty of time spent with family and friends!  Who could ask for anything more?!  On Thursday we all gathered together at my mom's house for a delicious Thanksgiving feast.  No one left hungry...!  There was so much food and lots of great conversation.  We all enjoyed relaxing and catching up with one another. 

On Friday my mom and I woke up bright and early (well it wasn't so was still the middle of the night) and we went SHOPPING!  We shopped from 4am - 11:30am!  This was our longest shopping adventure yet!  We got lots of great deals and shopped until we ran out of room in my Trailblazer. 
Then on Friday night our friends from Iowa stopped over for dinner and hang out time.  We had a great time with them and Ethan and Logan played so well together. 
Capturing this picture was truly a miracle.  I looked at Ethan and said E, go give Logan a hug.  Well Ethan walked right up and hugged Logan and Logan happily hugged Ethan right back and I managed to get the picture of this 5 second moment!  It was absolutely precious as you can see.  :-) 
Quickly after this picture... things started to change.  I wanted to get a picture of Lindsay and I holding our boys.  We have been taking pictures like this every year since we were pregnant with the boys.  Well this year Ethan wasn't a huge fan of being held and getting his picture taken....
Yes, I was holding on to Ethan with all my might and he was not at all happy about it. 
LOL better luck next year. :-) 
P.S. We miss you already McGowan Family.  Hope to see you again soon!

On Saturday the family and I went to church to decorate for the Christmas Season.  We watched the guys put the lights on the beautiful tree and Mariah helped hang ornaments.  Cory helped run the wiring for the new TV monitors and speakers around the church.  Mom and Ethan played in the toy room and Ethan learned how to scramble pretend eggs and feed a pretend baby.  I... well I walked around and took pictures. :-) Yes, that is one of my main jobs in life. 

On Sunday we woke up early, hung out around the house, then went to church.  Ethan is a handful in church and really has no understanding of "sit still".  He wants to climb under the pews, throw trucks, screech from time to time... and make sure that everyone knows that he is present.  I definitely think we have begun the terrible twos... oh our precious little man ;}

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This is another action packed week.  Mariah got her bottom braces on Monday.  After that appointment I took the kids to the doctor's office for their flu shots.  Guess Monday wasn't their favorite day, but the rest of the week gets better.  On Thursday we are going to my mom's house for lots of food and relaxing family time.  Then on Thursday night we break out the sales ads and plan our early morning hunt!!  This is a tradition that started a couple years ago and it's something that I look forward to every year.  I have my shopping list created and I am ready to find the best bargain. 

Not only is Black Friday an amazing shopping day, but it's also Cory and my 5 year engagement anniversary!

Ethan's Bedroom

Ethan's bedroom has a new look!  We painted over the light yellow walls and gave him "big boy" colors of brown and blue.  He is doing great with saying blue, but he keeps asking where the yellow went?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

All the activity!

Oh the crazy days with kids, dogs, fish... and a husband! ;-) Cory was out of town for the past couple days and finally got back late last night. Managing the house without him seemed really difficult this time. Normally I do fine on my own, but this time was different. I don't know what made it different... the only thing that changed was that we have fish now. Really all I have to do is turn on their lights in the morning and feed them, but for some reason that was a bit too much to add to my early morning schedule; however, I managed!

This weekend I have two Pampered Chef parties! The first one is on Friday night and the second one is on Saturday morning. I am looking forward to the back-to-back shows and hope that they are both very successful parties! I also have two catalog parties going on right now and I just closed a large show this past Monday night. I am really loving selling PC. I wish I had more time to focus on it, but for now I am managing.

I haven't been completely happy with my day job lately. I was very frustrated for a while and ready to transfer in to a different position. Well, I've had two wonderful opportunities to transfer within the past month but I decided to pass on them both. I am at a point where I am learning to focus on the positive with my job. I will no longer let this job defeat me and get me down. I am looking at it as a challenge and doing the best that I can. I am pushing the negativity aside and running with my head held high. I began this new positive focus about a week ago and so far so good!

I also joined the Wellness Center that is two buildings down from my workplace. I adjusted my work hours to 6:30am - 3:30pm which allows me to take a 1 hour lunch for hitting the gym! I have my fitness assessment today and I am sure I will fail with flying colors! LOL I have gained so much weight this past year and am so out of shape. I really hope that this lunch hour work out is exactly what I need to help lift my spirits and get my back in shape! Your prayers would be greatly appreciated! :-)

I could go on and on with my posts today, but I will end it here. More from me later!


Trick-or-treating started out as a family adventure this year, but quickly changed to an adventure with Mariah, her friends, and myself. Ethan was fighting a nasty cold and after about 15 minutes out in the cold air, we decided that Cory should take him back home. Hopefully next year we will all be healthy and able to share the experience as a family!