Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dishwasher - Part Two...

Yup, have owned our new super quiet dishwasher for 5 days now.... and you guessed it... first service call being phoned in this morning.....

UPDATE 9/1/10:  Dishwasher is fixed.  Sounds like we pulled a wire when we pushed the dishwasher in to place and that triggered an error message on the sensor board.... Geesh, anyways, we should be good now!  (fingers crossed)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Cory and I have a history of buying lemon appliances... or maybe appliances are made to be disposable after a couple years?!  Either way, our dishwasher finally died last week and we replaced it last night.  Shockingly we ended up buying the exact same dishwasher as our current one that broke!  We were very hesitant to go with this brand again, but we really loved the layout of the model.  Also, everyone raves about the Kitchenaid dishwashers.  They are supposed to be very good and we are convinced that our first one truly was a lemon.  So, this time we bought the extended 5 year warranty!  Plus we have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee... you better believe I will be running this dishwasher daily for the first 30 days.  I want to make sure that it is worth the money!

* We got our dishwasher and installed it last night.  I am AMAZED at how quiet it is!  The only thing we can here is a tiny sound of running water from time to time.  The motor is completely quiet!  WOW!!!*

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Zoo Day with Grandma Sandy

My mom took the kids to the zoo today.  I asked her to take a couple pictures... which she sure did! 
Thanks mom!  :-)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our Family

Ethan and I were playing with potato heads and decided to create "our family"...

Here are a couple more pictures of other fun things:
...shopping at Bass Pro Shop:

...and Ethan playing with his new fishing pole at Uncle Glenn's house.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

8th Grade Registration

Yesterday Ethan and I took Mariah to register for 8TH GRADE!!!  She is very excited about 8th grade... and I am a bit nervous!  This will be her last year of Junior High... last year of Elementary School... last year of being a KID... gulp!

Well, at school registration they also take pics of the kids for the yearbook/school pictures.  I think this is really nice instead of squeezing picture taking into the middle of a school day after the kids have eaten lunch and had gym... remember those days?!  Anyways, here is a sneak-peak of Mariah's 8th Grade School Pics.  She had me take a picture of her before we left the house so she could make sure she looked okay.  
Yup, she's my daughter... hee hee!

iphone cool

I am officially iphone-cool. ;-)  My new iphone 4 arrived yesterday!!  We got everything set up last night and even figured out how to download apps, record videos, take awesome pictures, grab wireless internet when it's available, and tons of other cool things!  I am LOVIN' it already! 

Here is the first picture that Cory took of me with my cool new iphone.  The camera was facing the sun, but the pic still turned out pretty good. 

Here are a couple more pictures that I took with it last night.  These are pics from a car show by Georgie Porgie's.  We met our friends Miranda, Kevin, and Lucas for dinner last night at Georgie Porgie's and ate in a tree house!  It was really neat... don't know why I didn't take pics of that?!  Afterwards we went outside and walked around the parking lot because there was a DJ playing music and a nice little car show! 

I also added new pics to July and August on Flickr. 
Have a great week! 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What a Weekend!!

This past weekend was loaded with fun, family, friends and food!  :-) 

On Wednesday night we went to the fair and watched the truck and tractor pull and the combine derby.  Ethan had so much fun watching all the action and Mariah had a blast ditching us to hang out with her friends... ahhh teenagers...  We made her stay with us from 7pm on... too protective... I don't think so! ~wink~

Thursday was another full day.  Mariah had her last day of Dance Camp at the high school.  We went to watch her skit and then went on to the fair.   When we got to the fair, Mariah and her friend rode on rides all day and ate lots of fried foods.  Cory and Ethan walked around and played on the tractors, watched pig races, and tiger shows, and stoped by to visit me from time to time.  I worked at a Pampered Chef booth from 2-6pm and had some awesome sales and met great new contacts.  Afterwards we hung around the fair and ate dinner.  It was another late night. 

Friday we did some things around the house and then went right back to the fair.  Some family members were in town from Tennessee and we heard they were going to the fair.  We didn't want to miss them... and if you ask my cousin Amy she'd tell you that we definitely didn't miss them.... ;-) They let their adopted son from Haiti join us on a couple rides... Well JM had a lot of fun and even ventured on to an upside down ride for the first time.  Mariah helped buckle him in his seat and away they went.  He was all smiles at first... but as the ride went on his smile turned to a look of fear!  He seemed alright after the ride, but told us he wasn't a fan.  We walked around for a little while, stopped at the rest rooms, and then headed to the 4H food stand.  JM told us he was hungry so I bought him a burger.  He had a couple bites and then his parents arrived.  He still seemed fine at this point, but I guess he wasn't feeling as well as he looked.  We were told that he threw up a couple times on the way home from the fair.... guess that's a moment that will never be forgotten.  Love you guys!  :-) 

Saturday was another action packed day.  We went to my sisters house for the 2nd annual Voge family reunion (Christmas in July).  There were 93 people at the party!  It was so nice seeing family that we haven't seen in years!  Family joined us from Minnesota, Illinois, Tennessee, and of course WI.  It was so nice to all be together in one place. 

We also went to our friend's son's 1 year birthday party on Saturday.  Happy Birthday LIAM!  Liam had a great time and his parents threw him an awesome baseball themed birthday party.  So glad we could be a part of it.  Also, while we were there I learned that Ethan knows how to play t-ball.  He walked over to the T, put the ball on it, grabbed the bat, and hit the ball about 10 feet!  Very exciting!  I think our lives will be filled with many sports in the years to come.  (in addition to active Mariah)

Sunday, day of relaxation, ummm nope not this weekend.  We went back over to my sister's to celebrate Leah's 9th birthday!  We spent the afternoon swimming and relaxing.  It was very nice. 

By 7pm on Sunday night we were all sitting and watching a movie (Remember Me).  Ethan was eating popcorn and his little head started nodding forward.  He'd pick up his head, chew his popcorn a little, and then his head would roll forward again.  He was exhausted!  Bed time came early for all of us. 

Here are a couple pictures.  I will post more later.