Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ethan playing in the corn field

Mariah helping with farm chores

April 21, 2009

Wow, looks like I haven't done an update recently! So much has been happening the past couple of weeks. Ethan is walking a little bit, but he still prefers crawling. We try to make him walk as much as possible and he gets very excited when he succeeds. Ethan had his 15 month check up yesterday and he is 30.5" tall and 23.12 lbs. The doc said that Ethan is a very health little boy. :-)
Mariah has try outs for track tonight after school. She likes to stay very involved in sports and somehow she still manages to stay on the A honor roll. We are very proud of her!
My dad had open heart surgery two weeks ago today. He is doing really well and following all of the rules from the doctors. He had a tear in a valve in his heart and the wonderful doctors at St. Lukes in Milwaukee were able to fix the tear and get dad on his way to recovery. This surgery was completely unexpected and has caused a lot of schedule changes for the rest of us. Cory does morning farm chores for dad and Scotty does afternoon farm chores. Dad also has 15 cows that are having calves within the next couple of weeks. Three of the calves have been born already. One passed away, but the other two are doing great.
Cory and I took off from work last week to spend a nice week at home with the kids. We had some really nice weather days over our week off and spent some time outside. We also went down to the Museum of Science and Industry on Thursday. Mariah and her friend Paige had a really good time playing with all of the science exhibits. Ethan loved looking around at everything and learned some noises like mooooo and peep.