Tour Our Home

Welcome to our Home.  Established in 2005. 

Come on in!  Don't mind the changing art work on the walls.  I'll make up my mind eventually... maybe.

Would you like to do some laundry while you are over?

Better yet, let's just sit in front of our new limestone DIY fireplace. 

Sit back on the couch, kick up your feet, ahhh...

Or maybe you're here to see our latest remoding project. 
The opening up of the forever hated wall.  I love the new found symetry and open feel.

Admiring my latest DIY art work? I came up with this wall art for under $50!

Need I say: where the magic happens, xoxo

Carter's room, Cory's old office. 
This is my favorite bedroom even though it's small and doesn't have a closet. 
I just love the cozy feel (and the rocking chair!).

 And in case you need to clean up while you are over. 
The human carwash according to the kids. 
Double shower heads (his and hers for quicker morning prep) both sides with 4 body sprays.
I think it looks a bit like a race track... but tile can be redone...eventually.   

Thanks for stopping by!
We are very proud of our home.  We are constantly putting time and energy in to our home.  Cory and I have a passion for physical work.  Maybe it's because we sit behind desks all day long.  I love to redecorate, remodel, and constantly improve our home.  Together Cory and I designed, planned, and built most of our home.  We were young, had less money, and less of a clue as to the functionality of the design we came up with, but regardless, we built a beautiful home.  Over the years we continue to do things to make our home work better for us.  We've finished our basement adding a lot more living space, we've added on a 1,600 sq ft deck followed by an additional deck connecting to our above ground pool.  We've completed the landscaping around the house using items that will help us to live a maintenance free life or as close to that as possible.  We have upgraded some of our exterior doors to save on energy and even replaced some of our appliances (already).  We've built, rebuilt, remodeled, repainted, and I believe that is just a part of who we are.  Sure, we have a check list for our projects and every year it shrinks... than grows right back the following year.