Thursday, July 30, 2009

2009 Racine County Fair

The kids and I had a blast last night! We went to the fair and met up with my sister and her family, my mom and Harry, and my brother and Shannon. We ran in to lots of friends and had some yummy fair food. Ethan played a game where he got to pick ducks from a little river and he won a black and white tiger. He carried the tiger around the entire time at the fair.

Mariah is all grown up now and decided it would be more fun to walk around with her friends instead of hanging out with her mom and brother... :-( She was really good though. Every time I called her cell phone she would answer on the first or second ring. It is scary and exciting to watch her grow up....

We stayed at the fair until 10Pm last night so we are all exhausted today. We watched the truck and tractor pull and then the COMBINE DERBY - LOL!! This was the first year that the combine derby came to our fair. It was so exciting to watch! There were about 10 old combines all painted and decorated. They crashed together until there were only 2 combines left driving around. Ethan thought this was the greatest thing ever. He was cheering them on and clapping his hands.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pool time fun

Wow... I wish we had 80 degree weather year round!! Last night I got home from work and the kids and I decided it would be a great night for swimming. We relaxed and played in the pool for about an hour! The water temp was 86 degrees....aaaahhhhh. :-) I love summer!

Monday, July 27, 2009


As many of you know... the projects NEVER stop at our house. This summer we built a huge swingset for the kids, we did lots of landscaping and built a fire pit, and now we put in a pool! The pool is up and running and we had the heat up to 86 degrees yesterday. It felt like bath water! We are working on building a deck to connect the pool to our current deck. Cory and Harry have been digging the holes to get the deck started. Can't wait until this project is complete. I am exhausted...

Don't the kids look like they are having a blast?! LOL (this was before the heater was working...)

Welcome to the world Charlotte!

Charlotte Grace Cantrell was born to Megan and James on 7-25-09. Charlotte joined the "5's Club" at 11am. She weighed 9 lbs 14 oz - GO MEGAN!! She is healthy and absolutely adorable!

We will miss you Grandma Knodel

Grandma - Harriet Knodel - passed away on July 7, 2009. She passed peacefully and a wonderful funeral was given for her on July 11, 2009. The funeral was a true celebration of Grandma's life. She touched so many people's hearts and will be greatly missed. We love you Grandma Knodel.