Thursday, February 25, 2010

Or not....?

I am so back and forth...!  I got this awesome shipment yesterday from Pampered Chef with pink and white dot martini glasses, a pink knife, pink and white chip clips and some reusable shopping bags.  Why you ask?  Because I closed two parties between Feb 1 - 15 so I got all of this as a bonus!  :-)  Okay, that was enough to snap me out of my funk and put me back on track with selling PC!  I will be doing a lot more catalog parties though and less in home parties.  Anyone want to have a catalog party?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

End of Pampered Chef

Is this the end of my days with selling Pampered Chef?  I think it may be... I have been debating this for about two months now and I really need to make a decision.  I love the extra money and the great products.  I will always be a huge fan of the products... but I don't enjoy the prep work, the evenings away from my family, the weight on my shoulders of knowing I have one more thing to balance in life... I think it's just too much for me at this point in my life.  I had a blast with it the first couple months, but I think my "honeymoon stage" is over.  I have a couple more parties to close within the next month, but after that... I think I will be saying good-bye to my second job as a PC consultant.  Thanks to all of my wonderful family and friends that had parties for me!


Last night was a really good night for Mariah.  She had her second night of volleyball try-outs and she made the B-Team!  After try-outs we went to gymnastics.  At gymnastics, Mariah's teacher told her that she is ready to move up to the next level so starting next week she will be in Cheer Tumbling II.  Way to go Mariah!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Warriors

Cory and I had fun tackling a couple projects this weekend.  We are finally putting the finishing touches on our house!  YIPPY!!  This weekend we went to Lowes and picked up a couple more cabinets for our basement bar.  The kids had fun playing and sitting in the cart together.  This is one of my FAVORITE pictures! 
When we got home we cut the middle panel out of the cabinets, installed touch sensor lights, and hung the cabinets.  Cory will stain them and we will send the doors to a glass company to have glass panels installed. 
After the cabinet project... we tackled a kitchen project.  I bought black handles months ago and tried putting them on the cabinets but they weren't fitting well.  Well I guess try and try again really is true because I gave it a try last night and we got them to work!  They look really good.  We had silver handles before, but I am loving the black so much more! 

Friday, February 19, 2010

I blame my monster on Cory!

Often times I refer to Ethan as my little monster.  He is 1000000% boy and very active!  He has no fear, he's curious about everything, and he keeps us on our toes.  Well, this morning I took Ethan to daycare... when we got there we went into the room and Ethan climbed up on to the table and stood on top of it and looked at me with a smile from ear to ear.  I said Ethan, we don't climb on tables, you have to get down from there... and I helped him down.  We took off his coat and put his stuff away and then started walking to Miss Sarah's room.  Ethan put his little feet in full gear and ran around the corner and into the room.  I caught up with him and finished signing him in.  Then I kissed my little man good-bye and left for work.  Once I was at work Cory called me to ask how drop off went this morning.  When I told him about the standing on the table and running in the hallway Cory started laughing to the point where I think he may have been crying.  Then Cory told me that every morning he puts Ethan on top of the table so that he doesn't have to bend down to take his coat off...... then him and Ethan run to Miss Sarah's room together.  So... this is not Ethan's fault at all.  This is my dear sweat wonderful husband teaching our child to climb and stand on tables and run in the hallways.  OH BOY............. Love him dearly ;}

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lil Bit of Snow

We got about one foot of snow yesterday.  It was so pretty to watch from inside. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Monkey Joes

Last Friday we went to Monkey Joes.  They just opened in Kenosha!  The kids had a really nice time... it made me wish I was little again. ;-)

Mariah in the SKY!

Well close to the sky... yup, she is the one in the back... way up in the air...! 

Linda's New Kitchen

Here is a sneak peak at Linda's new kitchen during the construction process.  :-)

Master Bathroom

We recently had the tile redone in our master bathroom shower.  We really like the new look and even have bump-ins now for our soaps and stuff!  We had to rip out one wall when redoing the shower, but we recently completed the construction and painted the bathroom.  Now all it needs is new trim!