Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend!

Wow, have I really not updated the blog since my Halloween weekend post?!  Geesh... guess I have some catching up to do!  :-) Lots of things have been happening over the past month.  I will give you a giant update in the blog to follow, but first I want to finish this little post about Thanksgiving.  (okay, post got longer then expected...)

I took an entire week off work for the Thanksgiving Holiday and it was WONDERFUL!  I did tons of Christmas shopping, lots of sleeping in and nap taking with Ethan, a little bit of decorating, and spent some much needed time with family and friends! 

On Saturday night (Nov 20) we had our annual ladies night out.  We took a limo up to a piano bar in Milwaukee ~ 10 of us ladies ~ and had a really nice time.  The limo brought us back home around 2:30am... much past my bed time, but I managed to survive!  It was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to our adventure again next year. 

On Monday, November 22, our town was hit with a tornado!  Luckily we had no damage to our home, but the RV place up the street had a couple campers tipped on their sides.  Downtown Union Grove got hit pretty bad though... a ton of down power lines, a couple gas leaks, a couple buildings with torn off roofs, some fences and trees were knocked down, but luckily no one was hurt!  Here is one picture that I took of our back yard during the storm.  Just looks like a typical rain storm. 

On Thursday, November 25, we had our family over to our house for Thanksgiving! Cory put the turkey in the oven bright and early and then went next door to play the annual football game with the guys. They all managed to stay safe this year! No broken ribs, broken fingers, or ankles... way to go guys!

After football, Cory came home and finished cooking the turkey.  He does really well with this so I don't even bothering attempting to help out... ;-)  well... this year I was in charge of basting the turkey while Cory played football, so I guess I did help a little.  My specialty is more in baking the pecan pies, cleaning and decorating the house, and getting the family ready for the occasion.  Here is a peak at our set up.  We managed to fit 17 people around one big Thanksgiving table.  It was really nice! 

And here is Cory getting ready to carve the turkey!

When the Thanksgiving festivities were over, we decided to put up the tree.  Cory and Scotty were out marking snowmobile trails so Mariah and I lifted the tree up from the basement section by section.  We  rearranged the family room, put together our tree, and fluffed out the branches one by one.  Hopefully we'll get to putting the decorations on it this week.  Ethan is in love with the Christmas tree and insists on having it lit up at all times. 
Speaking of Ethan... here is a picture of our little man with a face full of powdered donut (in daddy's truck - hee hee)!  Yup... mommy gave him the donuts... We took this picture while we were out driving around checking out all the damage from the tornado.

Well, that's all for now!  Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!  Now on to kids birthdays and Christmas! 

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