Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Da Bears = Date Night!

Cory and I had a little last minute date night on a Thursday night!  We scored some tickets to our first ever BEARS game at Soldier Field.  I love Chicago and get excited about heading down there any chance I get.  Cory knew the traffic would be bad so we left around 4:30pm since the game started at 7:30pm.  We wanted plenty of time to drive there, explore, and find our seats.  It should have only taken us an hour to get there, but traffic was SO bad that it ended up taking THREE hours!  The nice thing about that horrible three hour drive was that Cory and I had lots of alone time to talk and just take in the scenes around us.  It's not very often that we get a chance to do that. 

It was raining during our drive down to Chicago, but luckily it stopped right before the game started.  I had never experienced thunder in a big city before.  It was so incredibly loud! The noise amplifed off all the tall buildings.  The thunder completely shook the city and startled Cory and I when we heard it for the first time.   

The game was packed!  It was awesome experiencing a football game in real life and not just on TV. 

The BEARS didn't do very well.  It was a preseason game so all the good players were watching from the sidelines.  We stayed until the 3rd quarter and then explored the stadium before leaving to pick up some pizza.  Love Chicago's pizza, the best! 

Soldier Field was really impressive.  The outside looks kind of goofy with the old columns mixed with the new spaceship look, but the inside has a lot of history.  The giant columns were beautiful to walk through. 

There was a memorial wall that listed every player in BEARS history.  Cory really enjoyed browsing through the list and recognizing some of the players names.   

This wall was amazing.  The detail of this picture made the people look very real.  We were so glad we had the opportunity to visit Chicago and explore Soldier Field.  

It was a perfect date night!

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