Monday, April 8, 2013

Ethan: Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Recently, I got to spend TWO FULL DAYS with this handsome little man!  These two days were amazing.  I was off of work, the other kids were at daycare and school, Cory was working, and Ethan and I got some direct one on one time.  I wish I was able to do stuff like this more often.  It's days like these that make for some amazing moments to remember. 

On the first day, Ethan and I got ready and took him to school!  He had Kindergarten screening.  Ethan went in to one room to work with the teachers and I went to the other room to fill out paperwork with the other parents.  When the teachers brought Ethan back to me they said he did amazing and charmed them all.  Uh-oh... should we be proud or worried that our oldest son is a charmer?  Just like his father. 

After screening we did some shopping.  See all the new cars that Ethan picked out?!  Then we went to his favorite spot, Georgie Porgies, for lunch. 

After lunch we made a visit to the eye doctor.  Ethan was an amazing patient during his first eye exam. 

He loved wearing the goofy 3D glasses. 

20/20 vision! 

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