Thursday, November 12, 2009

All the activity!

Oh the crazy days with kids, dogs, fish... and a husband! ;-) Cory was out of town for the past couple days and finally got back late last night. Managing the house without him seemed really difficult this time. Normally I do fine on my own, but this time was different. I don't know what made it different... the only thing that changed was that we have fish now. Really all I have to do is turn on their lights in the morning and feed them, but for some reason that was a bit too much to add to my early morning schedule; however, I managed!

This weekend I have two Pampered Chef parties! The first one is on Friday night and the second one is on Saturday morning. I am looking forward to the back-to-back shows and hope that they are both very successful parties! I also have two catalog parties going on right now and I just closed a large show this past Monday night. I am really loving selling PC. I wish I had more time to focus on it, but for now I am managing.

I haven't been completely happy with my day job lately. I was very frustrated for a while and ready to transfer in to a different position. Well, I've had two wonderful opportunities to transfer within the past month but I decided to pass on them both. I am at a point where I am learning to focus on the positive with my job. I will no longer let this job defeat me and get me down. I am looking at it as a challenge and doing the best that I can. I am pushing the negativity aside and running with my head held high. I began this new positive focus about a week ago and so far so good!

I also joined the Wellness Center that is two buildings down from my workplace. I adjusted my work hours to 6:30am - 3:30pm which allows me to take a 1 hour lunch for hitting the gym! I have my fitness assessment today and I am sure I will fail with flying colors! LOL I have gained so much weight this past year and am so out of shape. I really hope that this lunch hour work out is exactly what I need to help lift my spirits and get my back in shape! Your prayers would be greatly appreciated! :-)

I could go on and on with my posts today, but I will end it here. More from me later!

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