Monday, November 30, 2009

What a great weekend

This past weekend was absolutely wonderful!  We had 4 days off work and school and plenty of time spent with family and friends!  Who could ask for anything more?!  On Thursday we all gathered together at my mom's house for a delicious Thanksgiving feast.  No one left hungry...!  There was so much food and lots of great conversation.  We all enjoyed relaxing and catching up with one another. 

On Friday my mom and I woke up bright and early (well it wasn't so was still the middle of the night) and we went SHOPPING!  We shopped from 4am - 11:30am!  This was our longest shopping adventure yet!  We got lots of great deals and shopped until we ran out of room in my Trailblazer. 
Then on Friday night our friends from Iowa stopped over for dinner and hang out time.  We had a great time with them and Ethan and Logan played so well together. 
Capturing this picture was truly a miracle.  I looked at Ethan and said E, go give Logan a hug.  Well Ethan walked right up and hugged Logan and Logan happily hugged Ethan right back and I managed to get the picture of this 5 second moment!  It was absolutely precious as you can see.  :-) 
Quickly after this picture... things started to change.  I wanted to get a picture of Lindsay and I holding our boys.  We have been taking pictures like this every year since we were pregnant with the boys.  Well this year Ethan wasn't a huge fan of being held and getting his picture taken....
Yes, I was holding on to Ethan with all my might and he was not at all happy about it. 
LOL better luck next year. :-) 
P.S. We miss you already McGowan Family.  Hope to see you again soon!

On Saturday the family and I went to church to decorate for the Christmas Season.  We watched the guys put the lights on the beautiful tree and Mariah helped hang ornaments.  Cory helped run the wiring for the new TV monitors and speakers around the church.  Mom and Ethan played in the toy room and Ethan learned how to scramble pretend eggs and feed a pretend baby.  I... well I walked around and took pictures. :-) Yes, that is one of my main jobs in life. 

On Sunday we woke up early, hung out around the house, then went to church.  Ethan is a handful in church and really has no understanding of "sit still".  He wants to climb under the pews, throw trucks, screech from time to time... and make sure that everyone knows that he is present.  I definitely think we have begun the terrible twos... oh our precious little man ;}

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