Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I sprained my neck..

On Thursday morning the alarm clock went off at 5:05am.  I was half awake from the obnoxious noise and I turned my head towards Cory.  At that point I heard a loud pop and instantly slammed down in to my pillow.  Something in my neck had popped and created a lot of pain.  I tried to sit up, but that caused muscle spasms on the left side of my neck.  Cory had to come over and lift me up to a sitting position while I held my neck with both hands.  I walked to the living room and sat in the chair.  Walking was extremely painful and I had to hold my neck the entire time.  I told Cory I wanted to go to the ER so he called mom and had her come over to watch the kids.  Mom got by us around 5:25am.  We sat around and chatted for a while and waited for the Advil to kick in.  There was no way I could sit in a vehicle and go over bumps with the way my neck felt.  Around 6am Cory talked me in to waiting for the doc's office to open so I could go in and see my regular doctor.  So, around 6:30am mom went back home.  (thanks mom!!!)
I got in to see my doctor at 9:30am.  He told me that I sprained my neck.  He thinks that a disk may have slid out and back in which caused the muscle in my neck to spasm.  I started muscle relaxers, naproxen, and physical therapy that afternoon.  I had physical therapy again on Friday and by Saturday I was able to slowly turn my neck a little!  By Sunday I was able to drive again and today I am back to work!  I am still hurting and have two more physical therapy appointments this week, but I am getting better!  On the up side, it really forced me to relax this weekend which is something I am not very good at... :-)

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