Monday, June 21, 2010

Sparkler Burn :-(

On Saturday night we were sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  I thought it would be a great night to let the kids play with sparklers.  Ethan was hessitent at first but quickly he learned that sparklers were FUN!  We was smiling from ear to ear and even managed to hold one sparkler in each hand.  I was trying to teach him to be careful and that the sparklers are hot.  He was listening to me... but I guess not well enough... He had a sparkler in his right hand, it burnt out, he quickly moved it to his left hand... and then yelped. :-(  I ran over and put his fingers in my mouth.  It was dark out and all I could think of was to cool the burn.  I didn't realize how bad it was until daddy grabbed him and turned on the outside lights.  Poor little Ethan has a burn between his thumb and pointer finger and on his thumb.  It is getting better by the day and he's pretty good at leaving it alone.  Hopefully he won't be terrified of the sparklers next time we bring them out...

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