Wednesday, August 11, 2010

8th Grade Registration

Yesterday Ethan and I took Mariah to register for 8TH GRADE!!!  She is very excited about 8th grade... and I am a bit nervous!  This will be her last year of Junior High... last year of Elementary School... last year of being a KID... gulp!

Well, at school registration they also take pics of the kids for the yearbook/school pictures.  I think this is really nice instead of squeezing picture taking into the middle of a school day after the kids have eaten lunch and had gym... remember those days?!  Anyways, here is a sneak-peak of Mariah's 8th Grade School Pics.  She had me take a picture of her before we left the house so she could make sure she looked okay.  
Yup, she's my daughter... hee hee!


  1. Holy moly when did she get so OLD! She looks beautiful.