Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Walks, Ethan's Room, and John Deere John Deere!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately and we have been spending as much time as possible outside!  This weekend Ethan and I went for walks around the yard with the dogs and looked at all the pretty colors of the leaves.  Ethan loved shouting out the names of all of the colors. 

Ethan giving Oscar loves: 
 Finding the tall grass and yellow leaves:
 Showing mommy a leaf (oops... his eyes were closed...):
 Enjoying the beautiful day:
Another thing we did this weekend was re-build Ethan's bed (again).  For those of you that don't know the entire story... Ethan's full bed used to be his crib which converted to a toddler bed and then a full size bed.  I bought the fancy conversion rails and we tried them out for a couple months but constantly had to reinforce them!  It was extremely frustrating and didn't feel safe at all.  This past weekend I went to Menards and bought a metal bed frame for $30 and Cory and I attached Ethan's headboard to it.  His bed is extremely sturdy now and we love that he no longer has a foot board!  Definitely a great buy! 

I had to put Ethan on his changing table in order to get a picture of his room while it was clean:
 I removed Ethan 'AKA the tornado' from the changing table and seconds later....
 Such a happy little guy :-)

Now for Ethan's favorite project that Cory and I have been working on (mainly Cory)... Ethan's John Deere tractor Halloween costume!  This thing is going to be awesome!!! It's about half finished, but it's already looking cool!  Ethan absolutely loves it.  :-)

Cory and Ethan taping the boxes together:
  Ethan eyeing up the green tape and wondering what daddy plans to do with it:
 Ethan realizing that daddy's building him a John Deere tractor... "I Love You DAD": 
 Cory adding the yellow stripes:
and... the WORKING headlights!!  (how cool is that?!)

Way to go Cory!!!  Ethan will remember this forever. :-)


  1. The headlights and yellow tape completely make this!!!! I can't wait to see Ethan in it...

  2. What a great tractor! That's amazing! What a great dad.