Friday, October 28, 2011

Oak Trees, Mold, and Dust Mites

On Wednesday we took Ethan to an allergist for testing.  He hated the tests.  He screamed and shook and screamed... it was horrible.  He was terrified.  I don't think the tests hurt nearly as bad as he made it seem, but he was scared.  Cory and I were both there trying to calm him down the best that we could.  Heartbreaking, but I am glad we did it.

 The results were worth the trouble.  Turns out he does NOT have food allergies which we are very thankful for.  Instead he is allergic to oak trees, mold, and dust mites.  Dust mites are the worst because they are everywhere.  I enjoy a clean house though, but some times lack motivation.  Now, I have complete motivation.  This weekend we'll pick up pillow covers and a bed cover which should help eliminate dust mites.  We also moved our dogs outside over a month ago.  That is supposed to help a ton.  Dust mites populate in areas where people sleep and where dogs sleep. 

So, my question for my readers is: What products should I use for dusting?  When I cleared out all the toxic sprays for cleaning my house and switched to Method cleaning products and vinegar, I also switched to dry dusting with a microfiber towel.  Well, I read that dry dusting is 93% less effective with removing dust particles and getting rid of dust mites.  That is a huge percent!  So what type of toxin-free product do you suggest for dusting? 

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