Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Eight Feet

...of shelf.  That is what we built this weekend. 

I had been struggling with decorating this wall for... umm, six years.  Then it came to me out of nowhere (well okay: pinterest, houzz, and blogging) that I could build my own shelf!  Some husband convincing, a trip to Menards, and $20 later.  Hello mighty shelf!

Here is the wall before the mighty shelf.  Someday the entire wall will be one color.  Just haven't gotten to that yet.  We need to put in our archways and do some drywall blending first...

 Building the shelf: We glued the pieces first and then screwed them together.

 Cory predrilled the holes to make them easier to hide with wood putty.

We added brackets to what we thought was going to be the underneath of the shelf.  I changed my mind after it was all painted.  My next shelf will have the brackets on the opposite side.  The way the shelf ended up makes the brackets kind of pointless, but they can be hidden.  Still learning DIY...

All painted

And hung above the couch.  Doesn't that fit better?  The items on the shelf are just for height ideas.  I've only purchased one thing for the shelf and I'm waiting it to arrive.  I'll take down the candle holder that you see on the left.  It never really had much business being there anyway.  Just one of my past random thoughts that didn't quite work.  ;-?

Whatcha think? 

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