Monday, September 28, 2009

Pampered Chef

I am now a consultant for The Pampered Chef! I am very excited about this and would love to have a show in your home!! If you would like to host a party please email me at I will eventually have a Pampered Chef website, but don't have everything put together yet. I am looking for two more October bookings if anyone is interested! This is a great way to have a "ladies night" "family night" or just to get friends together. Significant others and children are always welcome, but I will let you make the final call. I would love for you to host a theme party or just a simple cooking show! October is a great month for asking your friends to arrive in costume! November would be a great month for "comfort food"... and there is always the option of "death by chocolate"!

Also, if you are looking to earn some extra income, reduce your full time working hours, become a SAHM, or even get out of the house 1+ nights per week... please talk to me about become an independent sales consultant. This is a great way to make money and stay connected with your friends and family!

Happy Baking!
Kelly ;-)

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