Friday, October 2, 2009

Interesting Week...

My week started out wonderfully. I signed up as a consultant for The Pampered Chef on Sunday morning, then hung out and relaxed all day Sunday. Work has been nice all week long... not too busy, but busy enought to keep the day moving along. In the evenings I have been taking online classes for pampered chef and learning all about the company (I can't believe how organized that company is!). I have been trying new recipes from my PC cookbooks and loving everything that I have made so far! Overall my week started out wonderfully. Then as the week went on... things started to go down hill. I had a discussion with an old friend that brough up a lot of burried away hurt feelings... I totally bombed weight watchers for the week... and I tried to have the discussion again with Cory about having another baby. God how I wish he was on board... So, now it's Friday and I am actually wishing it was Monday again. Well... I wish I was back in Monday's mood anyways. Ugh... hopefully the weekend will be better.

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