Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Active little MONSTER

So last night Cory, Ethan, and I went to the fish store to buy some gravel, salt, and a heater. We were there for about 10 minutes. Ethan goes crazy in the pet store because he loves animals and there are two cats that live in the store. Well we went and got the fish stuff we needed and set it on the counter. Then Cory went to look at heaters (for about 5 minutes) and I followed Ethan around... here is what happened... no touch, no touch, nice, no touch Ethan, careful please, gentle, okay, how about we play over here, oh... Ethan get down from the cat tree, yes... kitty... pet nice, good job Ethan, oh, don't rip kitty's tail off, okay no touch Ethan, put the glass fish bowl down, yes look at the kitty on the kitty tree (oh, dog collars... how much are these) SMASH.. oh crap... Ethan just broke a fish toy.... (I am picking up the fish toy now) Ethan, get down from the cat tree.... that was about 2 minutes of the 10 minutes that we were in the store!! WOW, boys are A-C-T-I-V-E!!!!
Then we stop over at my friend Jeni's house. Ethan was being very good and Cory and I were talking to Jeni and her new adorable baby, Giana. Before we knew it Ethan was walking on Jeni's picture frame which had glass on it. I snatched him up quick and handed him to Cory. Seriously... I looked away for a split second and he is trying to be destructive! Thank goodness he didn't break the glass... that could have been a really expensive evening.

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