Friday, December 4, 2009

Busy Night with the Kiddos!

Last night was Parent's Night at Mariah's school and Cowboy Christmas at Ethan's daycare!

First we went to Mariah's school and watched her cheer for the girls basketball game.  I know that people like to brag up their kids, but Mariah is AWESOME with cheerleading.  She seriously has talent!  I think I might have to look into getting her more involved in gymnastics and competitive cheerleading instead of soccer.  She definitely found something she is wonderful at and that she loves.  Great job Mariah. :-)

As soon as Mariah was done cheering we rushed over to Ethan's daycare for his Cowboy Christmas musical.  Cory and Ethan had to leave Mariah's game a little early so that Ethan could get ready for his big event.  Mariah and I met Cory and Grandpa Karl at the church (daycare) to watch Ethan.  Ethan did so good and sat so well in front of the church.  There were so many people and a couple kids were crying, but Ethan did fabulous!  He looked so handsome as a little cowboy. ;-)

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