Monday, December 14, 2009

What a Great Weekend!

This was a wonderful weekend.  We had so much fun with family and friends, the weather was wonderful for playing outside, the family was healthy... definitely a great time. 

On Friday I took a half vacation day and met up with my friend Lindsay (in town from Iowa).  We toured around Burlington and had a very nice lunch at Charcoal Grill.  After our lunch we did some shopping at Kohl's,  then found a nice coffee shop in downtown Burlington, and then went and got pedicures!  It was a very relaxing and much needed ladies-only adventure. 

On Saturday we went to Menards and bought some of the trim pieces for our basement.  Cory has been working hard putting up the drink ledge and trying to get it ready for our big Voge Family Christmas Party this coming Saturday!  Cory also bought a motion light projector for the front our our house... I am not a big fan, but Mariah and Cory were so excited about it and I couldn't tell them no.  It is a machine (small) that is in our front yard and projects images on our house (moving images).  Right now it is set to project large snowflakes that fall down the front of our house.  It is pretty, but I don't think we live in the right location for something like this.  People drive past our house too fast to be able to see the moving snowflakes.  Cory and Mariah seem to like it though, so I am sure it will be staying. 

On Sunday Cory went to church to continue getting the powerpoint and tvs working during the church services.  While he was at church, the kids and I got ready for the Bears v. Packers party at my brother's house.  The party started around 11:30am.  Scotty and Shannon had tons of people over and lots of great food and drinks.  We had a great time - even though the Bears lost - and some of the people even did some sledding after the game. 

Definitely a great weekend... now on to my week... :-)

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