Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Root Canal

Wow, these have been a very hectic past two weeks! On top of everything else in my crazy busy schedule... I had to get some work done on my teeth. I needed a bridge put in so two weeks ago today I had to go in and have two teeth prepped to support the bridge. The prep work went well, but it took them a lot to numb me which caused in a very sore mouth for a day or two to follow. About two days later I started having pains in the side of my jaw that could only be reduced by advil. About one week after the prep work I went back to see the dentist and told him of my pains. He said that it was probably a dying nerve. Sometimes nerves can't handle the prep work and they die which results in a root canal... UGH! He sent me home, told me to monitor it for a couple more days. He called me daily to check on me which was wonderful. Finally by Saturday afternoon I had to call the dentist on his cell phone. The pain was so bad that it felt like a sinus infection in the back of my neck. I couldn't turn my head to the right without it hurting terribly, the pain was in my left shoulder and going into my chest. I was extremely weak and tired and new something had to be done. The dentist called in a rx right away. I started in penicillin that afternoon and was feeling much better by Sunday. On Monday evening I had to go see the endo specialist and... have a root canal. I had never had one of these before so I had no idea what to expect. It wasn't that bad. It took a while for them to get me numb, but it worked about 95% so I was okay with that. The tooth was very infected and bled a lot! I also had curves at the bottom of my nerve which made it take a little longer, but the endodontist managed to do his thing in 1 hour and 45 minutes. Phew am I glad that's over! I am still a little sore, but nothing like I was before. Today I go back at 2pm to get the final bridge work done... then I should be better than new! :-) What an adventure!

I also want to say "Thank You" to Scotty and Linda. Cory was out of town on Monday night so Scotty watched Ethan (and had to change his first poopy diaper) from 3:45 - 5:45pm. Then Linda picked up Ethan and took him to my house. Linda stayed with us for a couple hours to make sure I was well enough to take care of the kids. Then she called and emailed me the next day to make sure I was okay. :-)

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