Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Mariah and Ethan started gymnastics at Scamps last night!  They both had a great time!  Mariah is in Cheer Tumbling I and Ethan is in Parent and Tot Tumbling.  The wonderful part is that both of their classes are at the same time!  Less running around for me. ;-)  Mariah is a little advanced for her class, but she has never been in a tumbling class before so they made her start with level I.  Her teacher told her last night that she will move her up after the next class.  I think that will make it more enjoyable and challenging for Mariah.  She had fun last night, but said it was too easy.  Ethan on the other hand... is a handful! LOL He was so overwhelmed by the paintings on the wall and all the fun things to play with.  He tried to do what the other kids were doing, but I think his attention span was about 2 seconds!  He just couldn't sit still and couldn't wait to get to the next play area.  Last night he learned how to log roll down a hill (wedge), how to do stretches (or watch others do stretches), how to follow the leader around the room like an airplane, how to pull himself up with his arms (or hang on to the bar while mommy holds him up), he walked on a balance beam both forward and sideways, and he played in the big foam pit area!  I think he will definitely be excited to go back next week!

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