Thursday, January 7, 2010


It is amazing watching Mariah and Ethan together.  They get along so well and that is absolutely heart warming to me.  Mariah loves to teach Ethan new things - some things I'd rather he not learn... like showing us his open mouth of food at the dinner table... But for the most part she teaches him things that he should learn.  On the way home from Florida she worked on teaching him how to say three word sentences.  It was adorable and he caught on pretty well!  The sentences went like this: Wawa juice please, Wawa more please.  Mariah would have to walk him through the words and Ethan loved every minute of it. 

Another thing they do well together is sharing food.  When we stopped to get meals on the way home from Florida, Mariah would order what Ethan wanted instead of what she wanted and she would share the meal with him.  Absolutely adorable! 

We have also been trying to get Ethan to say Mariah instead of Wawa... it goes something like this:
us: Ma
Ethan: Ma
us: ri
Ethan: ri
us: ah
Ethan: ah
us: Mariah
Ethan: WAWA :-) and then he giggles...

Every night before bed Ethan has to go up to Mariah and tell her night night.  If she is not in the room with us then he will run into her room and make sure that they say their night-nights to each other. 

They may be 11 years apart in age, but their closeness as siblings is more than heart warming. 

Love you little ones ;-)

(picture from Feb 2008)

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