Friday, February 19, 2010

I blame my monster on Cory!

Often times I refer to Ethan as my little monster.  He is 1000000% boy and very active!  He has no fear, he's curious about everything, and he keeps us on our toes.  Well, this morning I took Ethan to daycare... when we got there we went into the room and Ethan climbed up on to the table and stood on top of it and looked at me with a smile from ear to ear.  I said Ethan, we don't climb on tables, you have to get down from there... and I helped him down.  We took off his coat and put his stuff away and then started walking to Miss Sarah's room.  Ethan put his little feet in full gear and ran around the corner and into the room.  I caught up with him and finished signing him in.  Then I kissed my little man good-bye and left for work.  Once I was at work Cory called me to ask how drop off went this morning.  When I told him about the standing on the table and running in the hallway Cory started laughing to the point where I think he may have been crying.  Then Cory told me that every morning he puts Ethan on top of the table so that he doesn't have to bend down to take his coat off...... then him and Ethan run to Miss Sarah's room together.  So... this is not Ethan's fault at all.  This is my dear sweat wonderful husband teaching our child to climb and stand on tables and run in the hallways.  OH BOY............. Love him dearly ;}

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