Monday, May 24, 2010

Addition to Ethan's PTing Post...

I almost forgot about the start of our weekend! On Friday afternoon Ethan and I went to Wal-Mart... one of my least favorite stores, but ya can't beat the deals. Well, Ethan was in pull-ups because I wasn't ready for braving it in undies yet. We got to the store and went inside and my phone started ringing. It was Deana and she was saying something about my sister's house and is anyone home... and she sounded worried. My phone was breaking up so I was pretty much running through the store looking for phone service. Finally I went outside (luckily nothing was in my cart yet). Deana was telling me that a black SUV was flipped on it's side in my sisters front yard and wanted to make sure that someone was home because it was around the same time the girls were getting home from school. Well that set a bit of a panic so I wasn't listening to Ethan. Turns out the entire time I was talking to Deana, Ethan was yelling "mommy I have to peeeeeeee". I hung up with Deana and ran to the bathroom with Ethan. Ethan did a great job holding it! Phew!

So the story about my sisters front yard and the SUV:
My sister was getting ready to walk down the driveway to get the girls off the school bus. She suddenly heard a loud screeching noise and then saw a large black SUV flip a couple times and land sideways in her front yard! She ran inside and called 911. As she was on the phone with 911 other people stopped and ran to the man in the SUV. When my sister got off the phone with 911 she saw the school bus turn the corner with her girls so she went out and started directing traffic and helped her girls off the bus. Shortly after police and rescue squads arrived and took the man to the hospital. They think it may have been a drunk driver that lost control. Fortunately no one else was hurt. My sister was a bit shaken and is very thankful that the accident didn't happen 1 minute later when her girls were getting off the bus! Many prayers were said thanking God for the timing!!!
Later on Friday night I went to my sisters to view the scene of the accident. Big chunks of grass are missing where the SUV rolled. As soon as I turned in to her driveway I saw a deer run from the ditch into a wooded area. Made me wonder if that deer had anything to do with the accident?

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  1. Zoiks! Praising God for the timing too. Wish you were coming this weekend but see you in July.