Monday, May 24, 2010

Big Boy Ethan!

Ethan is well on his way to being potty trained! He wore his big boy undies to the sitters for the first time this morning. He is still having accidents from time to time, but overall he is doing great!  His accidents usually go something like this...

Ethan: mommy I have to pee (as he grabs himself)
Mommy: Ethan, you are already peeing!
Ethan: OH NO I'M WET!
Mommy: Ethan I need a little more notice (as we are flying to the bathroom)

I had been introducing potty training and talking about this for many months. I kept planning to start but life got busy and made it too difficult. Finally, this past Wednesday I decided that it was time. I kept him in undies at home in the afternoons/evenings and then diapers while sleeping and while at the sitters. I did this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoon. Then all day Saturday and Sunday he wore undies and only wore a diaper to bed. He is doing awesome!!! He even fell asleep during a concert at church last night and slept for an hour (on my lap... I was nervous) then he woke up (still dry) and sat in church for about 20 minutes before I took him out to use the bathroom.

I am so proud of my little man!!! :-)

Side Note: Summer weather is also helping with potty training.  Ethan loves running around our deck naked and even peeing off of it from time to time... oops... ;-) Good thing we live in the country!

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