Thursday, May 13, 2010

Birthday, Mother's Day and other fun times

So much has been going on that I haven't had time to sit down and blog! 
We had a beautiful April as far as weather... but as for May... yuck!  We must have jinxed it by opening our pool on May 1st because ever since it's been cold and windy and rainy. 

April 22nd was Bring Your Child to Work Day!  Mariah came to work with me and we had a lot of fun!  We started on the Racine Campus and got to do fun activities like crafting, nail painting, and t-shirt making.  Then we went to lunch at Panera Bread and then out to the Burlington Center where I work.  I showed Mariah what I do during the day.  At first she thought it was fun, but quickly became bored.  I kept her entertained with my electronic dinosaur (typewriter) which I still use quite frequently!  It was a wonderful mother-daughter day and I am looking forward to doing it again next year!

April 29th: Ethan is turning it to our little adventurist!  He loves to run and climb on everything.  Sitting still just isn't in his vocabulary unless he has strawberry milk in hand.  Here is a picture of him cruising around the yard on his ATV.  He is already wanting a bigger one because this one just doesn't go fast enough for him. 

Girls Night Out:  Jeni and I met up for a much needed girls night out.  I think we both planned on just getting together for a little while and having a drink, maybe two, and some dinner... Well, our evening turned in to a four hour night out with quit a few drinks and some amazing nachos!  I think we left the restaurant around 10pm!  Yes, our husbands started calling us around 9pm, but we were having so much fun! :-)   It was so nice to get out and catch up with each other!  Definitely need to do that again soon! 

May 5th: I turned another year older... yes, I am 32 now.  I had a really nice birthday.  Cory, Mariah, Ethan, and I went to dinner at Jose's Blue Sombrero.  It was Cinco De Mayo so the Mexican restaurant was packed!  It took us an hour to get seated, but as always is was well worth the wait.  While we were waiting to be seated we talked (text) to Jeni, and Jeni and Giana decided to come join us!  That was an awesome birthday surprise!  The food was delicious, the atmosphere was very entertaining - live Mariachi Guys, and the birthday songs.... FUN!  They put a huge sombrero on my head and sang for me and then took my picture, printed it out and gave it to me!  Oh and they also brought me flan... which I don't care to try ever again...

May 9th: Mother's Day!  I had a great Mother's Day this year.  I woke up and relaxed pretty much all day!  Cory made french toast for breakfast, we went to church, we came home and hung out around the house, and then went to mom's for dinner.  Harry made an excellent dinner for all of us so even mom got to relax!

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