Monday, July 12, 2010

Chicago, Camping, Wedding, Baptism...

Yes, all of these things took place in one weekend! 

On Saturday morning Mariah left with Uncle Scotty for an over night camping trip in Iola.  They went up to see a car show and hang out with my mom and Harry, and other aunts and uncles.  Mariah had a lot of fun!  She played in the kayak, canoe, swam in mucky water without letting her feet touch the bottom, sat around campfires, and spent lots of time checking out cars at the car show.

Cory, Ethan, and I went to a combined wedding vow renewal and baptism on Saturday.  It was a beautiful day and the setting was very pretty.  It was in a park with large trees (and a great playset that Ethan loved).  Cory and I left from the wedding and headed to Chicago.  Ethan stayed with grandma Linda. 

In Chicago, Cory and I stayed at a beautiful hotel downtown.  We had a 16th story view of the lake, Navy Pier, Grant Park, Buckingham Fountain, shedd aquarium, and many other buildings.  We really enjoyed exploring the streets of Chicago.  We walked all over, ate dinner at a very nice family run Italian restaurant, and then got ready for our big ride!  The festivities started at 10pm and our 25 mile bike ride started at midnight.  We rode straight through and finished the ride around 2:15am.  We were very proud of ourselves for completing the ride and still being able to walk afterwards!  We got back to our hotel around 2:45am, celebrated our success with some mimosa's, and then slept until 9:30am. 

I have a lot of pictures and will put them on flickr within the next couple days!

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