Thursday, July 8, 2010

To Be A Kid Again...

Oh what it would be like to be a kid again:
  • Sleep in on summer days
  • Worry about little
  • Biggest cares are about what to wear, who to invite over, what sports to get involved in, what dog to play catch with, what show to watch on TV, how to style your hair or wear your make-up...
Ahhh... to be a kid again... 

To be an adult:
  • Find a partner to share your life with
  • Pick a home and neighborhood to raise a family
  • Find a job that will pay the bills and allow you to have time for family
  • Stay sane while balancing marriage, bills, work, kids, animals, friends, activities, laundry, cleaning, shopping, food planning, exercise
  • Research everything to make sure you are feeding your family the right milk, putting the right sunscreen on them, getting them the right shots, taking them to the right dentists, sending them to the right daycare, enrolling them in the right school, allowing them to hang out with the right friends, teaching them the right life lessons
...and the hardest part of all... making sure your partner agrees with everything you do at all times...and somehow trying to keep an emotional bond with your partner at all times through all of life's challenges...trying to find compromises as a couple...trying to make all of life's choices together...

Wouldn't it be nice if just once in a while we could step back and be a kid again... maybe for even just one day?!

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  1. I love this post. I remember wanting to grow up so badly and now that I am here it isn't everything I imagined :)