Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Maybe not...

Today is day three in my first class towards my masters degree.  I am already not enjoying it and feeling the loads of extra stress... maybe this isn't the right time to go back.  For the past two years I was dead set on the fact that I was done with school and not going to be a professional person.  I was done with the stress of studying while juggling everything else.  Then within the past month or two something triggered me to go back and give it my best... well... I did just that and am now changing my mind. 

I guess I really need to figure out what I want to do in life.  Do I want to make lots of money and work long hours and be important in the professional world?  OR... do I want to stay where I am and make okay money and have set hours and time for family and friends?  As inviting and challenging as option one sounds... I think that my heart is in option two.  As many know my real dream in life would be to live in Florida, be a stay at home mom, and have five kids.  AND as many know that is not going to happen. :-( So, maybe option two is the best compromise for me. 

Maybe this school thing was a reality check for me, an eye opener, something to make me realize that I am good where I am.  I don't need a challenging career.  I don't want a challenging career.  I just want to work at my secretarial job, have Pampered Chef shows once in a while, and then spend the rest of my time with family and friends.  That fits me better.  Ahhh feeling the stress lessen already...

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