Thursday, June 9, 2011

36.2 Weeks

Well this has been an exciting week.  Last Thursday I had my 35.2 week check up where the doctor checked my cervix to see if my body was progressing towards labor.  My cervix was soft and I was possibly a small centimeter dilated.  Well after that appointment I started having lower back pain, upper leg pain, and random contractions until late Friday night.  My guess was braxton hicks because they weren't regular contractions and eventually stopped. 

Today at my 36.2 week check up I learned that those contractions were real!  I am now 1-2 centimeters dilated and 80% effaced.  This has never happened for me in the past.  Normally I don't start to dilate until the actual birthing day of the baby.  This is pretty exciting!  Could be tomorrow... could be 3 weeks from now.  No way to really know.  Just excited that things are progressing. 

At my 37 week appointment we will schedule my induction for June 30th.  She mentioned that this probably won't be necessary though... :-)  Looks like baby Carter will be here soon!  I am not worried about the early delivery because my original due date was June 24th which would make me 37.6 weeks right now and baby is considered full term around 37 weeks.  Plus... baby is measuring big. 

Here is a picture from 36 weeks

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