Wednesday, June 22, 2011

38.1 Weeks

Today baby and I are 38.1 weeks.  We have 8 days left until eviction day!  I will arrive at the hospital around 5:30am on Thursday June 30th and they will start my induction.  My doctor figured the 30th would be a good date since my original due date was June 24th and my second due date was July 5th.  We'll just split it down the middle and ask nicely for baby to come out on June 30th - plus that is my doctor's on call delivery day. 

Baby Carter and I had our 38 week check up yesterday.  I am now measuring at 2+ cm dilated and 85% effaced.  That is just a bit more progress than last week's status.  I was told, again, that it could be any day now because my body is progressing.  So... every day I wake up and Cory asks me how I'm feeling and I say fine (under my breath) and he chuckles and says... most people would be happy to say they are feeling fine.  Yes, well, I want to feel like I am in labor - and be in labor...  ;-) 

My blood pressure was at a beautiful 116/74 yesterday and some how I have managed to lose 1 pound.  This puts me at a 27.6 lb gain during this pregnancy.  Way different than my 50 lb gain with Ethan!  

This past weekend we went to my cousin's wedding on Saturday night.  I was exhausted, but Cory and I managed to get dressed up and get out and enjoy ourselves for a while.  It was a very lovely dinner and reception. 

Here is a picture from 37.5 weeks.

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  1. You look beautiful Kelly! And nice job on that weight gain! I can't wait to meet Carter!!!! :-D
    ps - I'm taking off of work on Friday July 1st. Gotta get me some baby holding time. :-D