Monday, July 25, 2011

Carter's First Month

Our precious little Carter is 1 month old today!  He is an amazing baby.  He sleeps well, he eats well, he is so lovable and snugly, he is enjoying more and more awake time and once in a while even gives a little smile (even if it's just gas... we'll take it). 

In his first month of life Carter has already gone to the 4th of July parade, fireworks, the Racine Zoo, birthday parties, and out to dinner by the lake.  This week he will be visiting the fair, smelling lots of animals, and possibly seeing his first tractor pull.  Next week we'll be taking our first vacation as a family of five!  We will be driving up to the Mall of America and visiting some great friends while we are up there. 

Here are some pictures from Carter's first month (youngest to oldest).

Brand New

 Look at those feet!


Baby Rock Star

1 week old

Daddy's first time feeding Carter 

Nap Time

Little eyes are open! (one of Ethan's favorite new sayings)

 More love from big brother Ethan

One of the many amazing pictures that Miranda took for us!

 Love this!  They look so much alike!

Relaxing at the rummage sale at 3 weeks old

Getting ready for his first swim in the pool

Swimming with my boys!

Tummy time - he fits on a burp cloth!

One of life's precious moments

Mariah, Ethan and Carter getting ready for dinner by the lake 

Four weeks old

Happy 1st month of life Carter Oliver!

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  1. It goes way too fast! I love that you guys have been keeping busy. Ethan is ridiculously cute with Carter!