Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Carter: 11 Months

Here we are, the 11 month post.  The last "birthday" post before the BIG 1st Birthday post.  Carter turned 11 months old on May 25th.  I thought for sure he would be walking by 11 months, but he is doing his best to prove me wrong.  He will take a step or two when he needs to.  He can even stand on his own for about ten seconds, but as soon as we try to get him to walk he just sits down and crawls over.  I am okay with this.  Yes, it is exciting to reach all the new milestones, but heart breaking at the same time.  Kids grow up so quickly.  These moments along the way are extremely precious. 

Look at how big he's gotten.  He doesn't look like a baby anymore. 

So much personality, and those gorgeous blue eyes.

Always up for any new adventure.

But reminds us from time to time that he is still our precious little baby.


  1. Can't belive he's going to be a year. Where has the time gone. He is adorable, Kelly! I love his blue eyes just like Ethan.

    1. Thanks Melissa. ;-) The time has gone by crazy fast! It is so wonderful, yet so hard to watch him grow up. Wish I could keep him my baby longer.