Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I have a rental vehicle. 

Luckily, it's a nice rental vehicle.

It's a Dodge Grand Caravan.  2012.  With lots of power-everything.  Power-everything-that-my-KIA-doesn't-have.  Hmmm I might want to just keep the rental. 

My KIA has had a door issue since I bought it.  The drivers side sliding door doesn't always latch and stay completely latched.  This is a huge safety issue and it's also really annoying.  Out of no where, while driving down the road, the lights will suddenly turn on inside the vehicle and a loud chime will start chiming.  It is extremely distracting.  It will not stop chiming and the lights won't turn off until I pull the van over and open and close the door.  Serious safety issue.

We took the van for an oil change around 5,000 miles and had them look for the door issue.  They couldn't find the problem because it wasn't currently happening so they did nothing to fix it. 

We took it back in for the second oil change around 10,000 miles and told them the issue with the door hadn't gotten any better.  They lubed the door and sent us on our way. 

This helped for a little while - possibly - until Thursday morning (April 26).  I dropped the boys off at daycare, started heading to work, got about a mile from daycare when the lights flashed on and the chime was chiming.  I turned the van around, called Cory, and told him it was time to head to KIA while the van was acting up.  Cory met me, took my van in while I headed to work in his truck, and talked in a we're-going-to-get-things-fixed-manner with the KIA dealership. 

So, KIA claims they fixed the issue on Thursday by changing out the door latch.  They just happened to have these parts in stock.  But, they are going to keep my van for a while and try to see if the issue occurs again. 

Wednesday, May 9th: I started this post on Friday, April 27th.  Here we are a week and a half later and I still have a rental... Only this rental isn't as nice.  On Saturday, April 28th I got my KIA back (which I've confirmed recently how much love).  On Monday, April 30th while driving to work.... the door did it's thing again.  So, back to KIA we went.  This time they gave me a not-so-lovely VW 2007 completely unloaded and yucky minivan.  I've been driving this vehicle for a week and a half and can't wait to get rid of it.  I want my KIA back.  Badly.  And I want the door issue to be fixed. 

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