Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day

I take pictures.  Lots of pictures all the time.  But for some reason holidays tend to come and go and very little pictures get taken.  I must get so wrapped up in life that I forget to pull out my camera?  I promise myself over and over that I will get better and take more family pictures instead of random pictures.  Maybe some day I'll live up to that promise. 

So, for Mother's Day pictures all we have are the following.  Pictures taken from random cameras on phones.  Nothing fabulous, but alas they are memories of our Mother's Day weekend 2012. 

 We celebrated Mother's Day at our house on Saturday.  Cory and I worked around our house, built a step to our back deck using leftover materials that we had at home.  This is a project that I wanted to complete for a while.  I am so happy to have an actual step instead of two cement blocks.  This is much safer.  Not completely finished, but better. 

I also dug up lots of tall grass and replanted some hostas from around my yard.  This is an area of our yard that always gets ignored.  A lawn mover can't get to this area and the dogs run through it all the time and kill the strip of grass down the middle.  Eventually I'd like to add some stepping stones to make it prettier.  Maybe even plant some ferns under the right side of the taller pool deck.  Doesn't sound like a fun Mother's Day to you?!  If you know me, well you know that I love working on projects and working in my yard.  Being out in the sun and doing physical work is my idea of a good time. 

On Sunday we went to my mom's house after church for a really nice brunch put together by my mom and Harry.  It is so wonderful to have them back from Florida.  They are actually here to stay for a couple months!  (doesn't Mariah look thrilled in the picture above?)

This is what we were watching... My mom was opening gifts from us.  We bought her an IKEA wine rack and four different bottles of wine.  She loved it.  LOVED it!

A lovely side view of my hubs.  Mr Wonderful.  Love you honey!  The best part of this picture is Mariah's smile in the background.  A bit different from the look on her face in the previous picture. 

Carter monkey.  You make my days extra special.  Thanks for making me even more grateful this Mother's Day.  I can't imagine what life would be like without my kids.  
xoxo, mom 

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