Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Seizure

We think Ethan might have had a seizure yesterday morning. 

We were going through the normal morning routine.  Struggling with getting Ethan to brush his teeth before getting dressed.  He is pretty messy with his tooth paste so we try to save the day's clothing for after brushing teeth.  Yesterday morning Ethan started complaining about a stomach ache.  This is also pretty much a daily occurrence.  Then he used the bathroom (#2) and came back to the sink to finally start brushing his teeth.  He complained more of his tummy hurting.  Then grabbed his chest between his collar bones and started squealing about how much it hurt.  I put my hand on his chest and asked if it was his stomach that was hurting because he was grabbing much higher.  At that moment he went limp and fell in to my arms.  I carried him across the bathroom asking him to stand up.  He wouldn't straighten his legs.  I though maybe he was joking around because he can be very dramatic and very noodle-like in the morning when he wants to lay back down instead of brush his teeth.  I managed to get him in to our bedroom as I yelled for Cory.  Cory came running in and as I explained what was going on, Cory picked up Ethan and held him.  I looked at Ethan's face over Cory's shoulder.  Ethan's arms were straight down to his side with no movement.  Ethan's face was blank.  His eyes were half open.  I was yelling to him that he needed to use his words and tell us what he's feeling and what's going on.  He didn't respond.  He just kept staring straight ahead.  Cory told me that I had to calm down and he walked across the room and put Ethan on the bed.  We were ready to call 911, but at that moment Ethan finally let out a little grunt, then started mumbling about his tummy hurting.  We sat and watched him for a couple minutes as he came back around.  We were unsure if this episode was real or if Ethan was being dramatic about it.  I know that sounds horrible to say, but he is a very dramatic child that has scared us in the past, but never, never, like this.  After processing what happened we knew that something was wrong, but what?  What caused our loving little man, fever free, cold free, otherwise completely healthy little child, to completely blank out for about a minute?  I put my head on his chest and listened to his heart beat.  It was normal.  I felt his forehead for a temperature, but he felt fine, a little clammy, but his temp was fine.  His face was white.  His lips had a tinge of blue, but was that the tooth paste that he had just put to his mouth?  I grabbed a towel and wiped off his lips.  He was pale.  His lips matched his skin.  We decided against calling 911.  We saw that he was recovering and we wanted to watch him.  Within minutes he started watching tv and talking about the ice cream on the commercial.  About 5 minutes later he sat up and drank a cup of milk.  20 minutes later he ate a pancake and had some more milk.  For the rest of the day he was completely normal.  He was himself.  He wasn't sure if he knew what happened.  He tried to recall it, but all he could say was, "I was trying to tell you I didn't feel good".

I took Ethan to the doctor at 10am and told the pediatrician about the incident.  The doctor thinks that Ethan may have had a small seizure.  He said we may never figure out what exactly happened or what caused it.  I have to be honest, I hope the doctor is right.  I hope we never figure it out and that it NEVER happens again.  I am okay with the mystery as long as Ethan is okay from here forward.  The doctor is ordering lab work, an EKG, and an EEG.  We start most of the process tomorrow and go back next Friday for the EEG.  Please say some prayers for Ethan.  Keep us in your thoughts and pray that nothing life changing comes out of this. 

I was fine yesterday.  I handled the situation pretty well after my initial panic.  Some friends asked how I was doing and I said fine.  I go numb with medical situations after all that we went through 6 years ago with Mariah.  I didn't want to be numb yesterday, but I was.  I enjoyed my day home with Ethan.  I took him shopping, bought him some new shoes, a new toy, and snuggled with him as much as possible.  He was fine.  His tummy hurt on and off, his farts were off the chart stinky, but his energy level was normal.  Today, Ethan is still fine.  He tells people that he had a seizure.  Means nothing to him.  Doesn't scare him at all, it's just something that happened.  Today, I am not fine.  I am not with Ethan so I am over processing and starting to panic.  The doctor's office called me and set up the appointment for the EEG.  I asked a ton of questions and the more I asked, the more worried I became.  The doctor mentioned heart palpitations yesterday.  I have heart palpitations.  The doctor asked how Ethan's breathing was during his episode.  I have no idea.  He wasn't showing signs of rapid breathing.  He was still.  Was he breathing?  I have no idea.  What if that entire time I was freaking out and he was still, what if he wasn't breathing?  Is that why he was pale?  That is what keeps replaying in my mind today.  What happened.  Where was my little man during that minute that he blanked out?  Will this happen again?  I am scared. 

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  1. That is so scary! My thoughts and prayers are with you and Ethan.