Tuesday, July 10, 2012


We went on our first camping trip and we survived!  We have been talking about going camping for years, but I just couldn't break down enough to be okay with sleeping outdoors.  Sounds crazy, right? I grew up on a farm and used to tent camp all the time as a child, but as an adult I just had no desire to leave my comfy indoor elements overnight.  Well... before you give me too much credit for giving in and sleeping outdoors... I'll have to confess that we weren't actually camping... we were "glamping" otherwise known as glamour-camping when sleeping outdoors in a luxurious camper.  I never in my life thought I would own a camper.  Cory must have worn me down over the past five years of begging, because I finally gave in.  This ugly-lawn-ornament beauty is all ours. 

We had a lot of fun camping.  We spent the weekend at a local campsite with some great friends.  We wanted to stay close to home since we had no idea what we were doing and how to operate this large  beast.

We spent a lot of time in the water.  The pond was very clean and inviting.  There were a couple nibbling fish incidents (myself included), but as long as we kept moving around we were okay.   

The girls ventured off and did their own thing most of the time.  It was a very active campground with tons of activities.  Mariah and Paige spent a lot of time on the water.

Cory and Ethan went out fishing early Sunday morning.  They caught three blue gills and one sunfish.  They didn't keep any of the fish, but they had some memorable father-son time which is exactly what this trip was all about, staying connected as a family.

Our area is under a drought warning so we were banned from burning which meant no campfires for us. Being the resourceful bunch that we are, we made our own make-shift campfire using our small charcoal grill. Worked perfectly for burning roasting marshmallows. Delicious!


I'm glad I finally gave in to this camping-glamping-outdoor-adventure. We will definitely be taking a lot more family camping trips. I'm already working on planning our trip for next month.  We can do this!

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