Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Just Don't Understand

I am feeling disturbed today.  There are so many evil things that happen in this world.  It is scary turning on the news and watching the horrible and tragic stories come across the tv while we are going about our day.  There was a tragic incident this weekend that hit close to home for me.  There was a shooting in a salon in Brookfield.  A man took the life of his wife, two of her coworkers, and then took his own life.  One of those coworkers was a friend of mine from high school.  We weren't super close friends, but our lives crossed paths many times.  We had occasional get togethers and sleep overs at each other's houses during our sophomore and junior years.  We always had a lot in common.  We ran in to each other later on in life and realized we both had daughters within a year of one another and both named our girls Mariah.  She was a super kind and sweet person.  Always soft spoken and smiling. 

How could someone take her life for no reason?  I just don't understand it. 

I just want to sit and home and hug my family today. 

My thoughts and prayers go out to Cary Robuck's family and friends.  Also to the other victims family and friends.  Truly tragic.  Heartbreaking. 


Remembering Cary

Spa Shooting

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