Monday, October 8, 2012

Oh, lighten up!

This weekend I learned about light bulbs. 

I went to Menards in search for more light.  I didn't want to buy new light fixtures, I just wanted brighter bulbs, but everything in my home seems to allow up to 60 watt bulbs.  I talked to the light specialist (well that's what I'm calling her) in the store and she explained the light bulb...

Soft White = a yellow base creating a warm feel
Bright White = a yellow and blue base giving a nice mixture
Daylight = a blue base giving a very bright feel

As I went home and looked around my house, I realized I was buying soft white for all of my bulbs.  I never realized I was doing this.  I just bought the light bulbs in the past paying no attention to the exact color. 

I went back to Menards and bought 15 fluorescent energy saving light bulbs, 60 watt, in a bright white.  Well... let me show you the difference.  I love it.  Cory thinks he needs sunglasses in the kitchen, but I love the brighter lights! 

Hallway before:

Hallway after: 

It's a much truer-to-color light.  Plus, it saves us money on our electric bill because we went with energy efficient fluorescent bulbs! 

What color light bulbs do you use?  Do you have a room that always feels really dark?  Maybe try switching out the bulbs!  

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