Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sneak Peak: Stone!

We committed!  We picked out a stone and we love it!  It's fireplace completion time!  7 years in the making... happy dance!  :-)  woot woot! 

It's a natural limestone.  Isn't it pretty?! 

Here is what we have been looking at since we built our home 7 years ago. 

Step 1: remove the existing drywall.  This was the fun part.  I love construction demo! 

Step 2: Barricade the kids creating a safe playing area away from flying drywall.  :-)  The kids thought this was fun at first... then quickly learned how to escape. 

Escaping the kid barricade led to little helping hands.  Ethan thought that using the shop vac was the best job ever. 

Isn't he a handsome little helper :-)

Since we had the wall opened up I talked Cory in to Step 3: installing eyeball lights! 

They work!  I love them!

Step 4: Get rid of old hearth, install the solid hardwood mahogany mantel, and hang up cement board. 

These are just phone pictures.  I'll have better pictures and more details in our final post. 

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  1. SO excited for you!! Will you pop over and let me know when it is complete...knowing me I will forget :)