Tuesday, January 18, 2011

16 Weeks

Baby and I are 16 weeks along today!  I will have to say that life has been so busy that so far this pregnancy is going really quickly.  I can't believe we'll be finding out in 16 days what the gender of our little baby is?! 

I've been feeling a lot of movement from baby lately.  I had felt flutters before this, but since this past Sunday I've been feeling the baby shift, roll, and kick it's little legs and arms!  I think this is one of the best parts of being pregnant.

I have been feeling really well lately.  I have been working out on my elliptical at least 5 times a week for 30 minutes each time and it is really helping with my energy level and my over all mood.  Hopefully I can make this a daily habit soon. 

Well, I was feeling good until the custodian that thinks he needs to talk to me daily... just told me I am getting fat.  Seriously what is the deal?!  When I was pregnant with Ethan a different custodian said to me "oh you're pregnant... I thought you were just letting yourself go?!"  Who in the heck tells these people that they are free to say whatever they'd like to others?!  Are they that miserable and bitter?!  Now he just came back and said "I meant that in a good way...".  Umm yeah... because I called you an ass and chewed your head off?!  I haven't even finished my coffee yet people... URG!  Okay, another 30 minutes on the elliptical would be good right about now. 

Anyways... I took a picture of myself this morning at 16 weeks.  I am wearing similar clothes from my 10 week picture so I am posting them side by side below for comparison.  I really don't think I am showing much at all yet.  These next 4-6 weeks will make a huge difference though.  I will try to take weekly pictures over the next couple weeks. 

                 10 weeks                                                                 16 weeks
16 weeks with my sweater on :-)  


  1. Tell that custodian to F off. You look GREAT!

  2. That is so exciting that you find you what you are having so soon!