Tuesday, January 25, 2011

17 Weeks, Mariah's High School Orientation, and Other Stuff...

I am 17 weeks pregnant today. Baby and I are still doing wonderfully and I have been feeling a lot more movement! I have been working out every day and loving it! We are only 9 days away from finding out the gender of this baby! We are very excited about that and can't wait to pick out an official name and figure out how to decorate Ethan and baby's shared room.

Last night we went to Mariah's high school orientation.  There were a lot of 8th graders and their parents at the high school.  There are about 930 kids that attend the high school, not too big and not too small!  They talked about all the required classes and electives.  They have four 9 week sessions per school year so the kids take 4 classes at a time equalling 16 classes per year.  I think that is a much better idea than trying to balance 8 classes at a time.  Mariah seems really excited about high school.  She is also excited about taking DRIVERS ED the second half of her freshman year... YIKES! 

Mariah is very involved in dance and cheer leading.  She is on the Junior Broncos Dance Team which is for 6-8th grade girls and helps prepare them for high school dance.  Dance replaces the pom-pom and cheer leading teams at the high school.  They are very competitive and are a year round sport.  If Mariah makes the dance team then she won't be able to join any other sport.  She is pretty confident that she will make the team, but still nervous about tryouts.  Freshman dance tryouts take place this April during Mariah's 8th grade year.  We think she'll do great! 

Mariah's dance team performed at the high school this past Friday night during boys JV basketball.  Here are a couple pictures.  Afterwards we went out to dinner to celebrate all of her hard work with the dance team. 

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