Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Can Do This...

...my hearts not in it, but I can do it. 

Coming back to work after maternity is hard.  It's isn't fair and it's hard.  There is nothing I want more than to spend the day with my kids.  This isn't something that parents get to do forever because kids grow up.  I get that, I have a teenager.  But, we should be able to be with them all the time until they grow up.  Until they head off to kindergarten on the big yellow bus.  I should be at home taking care of them, teaching them, feeding them, playing with them.  I should be there with them until they grow up.  My heart is there with them, but unfortunately I am not. 

I can do this.  I can stay strong.  I know my kids are in good hands.  After a while they will even start to have a lot of fun and meet new friends.  They will come home with stories that will warm my heart. 

On Monday the boys played with Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Harry.  Here we are getting ready to leave the house the first morning. 

On Tuesday they started at their new daycare. Here we were getting ready to leave the second day. 

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  1. I'm so sorry. I wish you felt like you could stay home. My heart goes out to mothers that want to stay home but feel like they can't. I'm sure the kids will be happy anyway though and you'll get back into your routine. On the plus side, I'm sure they are always so happy to see you! Sometimes I am a teeny bit jealous at my husband's happy homecoming when the kids run to the door so happy to see him. I don't get that. Not that I would change anything.