Sunday, September 25, 2011

I did it!

I've managed to get up every morning, get out of the house on time, and make it to work every day this week!  I thought for sure I'd go in to denial by Wednesday or Thursday and refuse to leave the house, but I did it.  I so badly wanted to be home with my kids every day this week, but I did it.  That's huge.

Ethan and Carter have helped to make the transition back to work easier.  They both had a nice time at Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Harry's house on M, W, F this week. They are also enjoying their new daycare.  Ethan went on a field trip on Thursday and got to ride on a BIG YELLOW SCHOOL BUS for the first time!  He went to an apple orchard and learned how to pick apples.  "Mom, you lift and twist, lift and twist."

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