Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Carter ~ Five Months

It seems crazy, but our little man is 5 months old already.  That's almost half of a year!  Feels like yesterday when I was anxiously awaiting his arrival.  Such a blessing.  This little man has stolen my heart.  One of the most fabulous things about him is that everyone says he looks just like me.  Aww, my guy.  ~LOVE YOU~

Carter has changed so much this past month.  He's trying to sit up on his own, but hasn't conquered the skill yet.  He watches us eat, turns when we call his name, hugs us, tries to kiss us with an open mouth against our cheeks, and... he rolls over!  The first time he rolled over he was about 4 months old.  Cory got to see it, but I was in the other room.  The second time he rolled over was at daycare so I had missed it again.  But, this weekend I finally got to see him roll.  And roll he did... over and over and over.  Now whenever I lay him on his back he instantly flips over to his tummy.  I managed to catch this roll over on video. 
 Man I love all the "firsts". 

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