Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Horror Stories

I was browsing through yahoo stories and came across this.  The more I am reading these stories, the more I'm laughing out loud.  I sure hope none of these crazy things happen for any of us this Thanksgiving Holiday.  I'll have to say that after my daughter and my cooking mishaps this weekend... anything is possible. 

1) I made these amazing oatmeal cookies this weekend, but decided to ditch the raisins, cut back on the butter and add peanut butter for extra taste.  Well... lets just say they turned out like oatmeal-peanut-butter-hockey-pucks; however, I ate them. 

2) Mariah made banana bread and added an extra banana for extra moist flavor.  She put the bread in the oven and made the entire house smell delicious.  I opened the microwave, put in my coffee, warmed it up, opened it back up... and found a stick of butter that rotated around in front of my coffee.  Yup, she forgot to add the butter to the banana bread.  The bread turned out a bit rubbery, but we ate it - put our butter on the bread. 

3) Mariah made brownies for her friends at school.  She put the ingredients in, added a little extra Hershey's syrup for extra chocolate-y-ness... and because... she had mixed up the measurements on the oil and water.  They were like fluffy pieces of chocolate cake instead of brownies. 

Hopefully this is no indication of whats to come on Thanksgiving!

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